Himalayan Series
1. What is the Sandakphu 70 mile (112 KM) race?
The Sandakphu Himalayan Race is a 4 day 70 Mile (112 KM) supported race. Participants will cover long distances on foot either by running or walking over a 4 day back-to-back period. Every Stage has a set distance to cover. Each runner will cover that distance at their own speed and capability arriving at a lodge (aka Tea house) at the end of each stage.
2. Where do I sleep each night?
At the end of the day everyone reaches the lodge aka Tea House, the runners will get to relax, chat up, socialize and enjoy the meal put together by the sweet and loving Nepali hosts. Runners will rest up for the night at the lodge on a twin or three people sharing basis.
3. Who typically competes in the Sandakphu 70 mile race?
The typical competitor is a working professional, a high achiever - someone who believes in maximizing every opportunity in life. Our competitors generally work full time; some have families, and many do a lot of community service and all lead a healthy lifestyle. Our competitors consist of medical doctors, professors, investment bankers, small business owners, actor, actresses, entrepreneurs, journalists, top athletes and coaches, military professionals, managers and stay-at-home moms and dads. We have many father/son, father/daughter, mother/son and brother/sister competitors.
4. I don’t think I can run 112 Kilometers (70 miles), can I still make the cutoff times?
The event is set up to allow for everyone to be able to reach the destination before sunset. There are no cutoff times specified. However, we would want everyone to reach the destination lodge before sunset. The leaders run the whole course, and many walk the whole course. Even if you do so, you can still finish the race.
5. How much training will be required?
Our competitors are busy professionals we don’t expect them to train all the time. Many complete the event with minimal training, some want to win and thus train a lot. Each competitor has his or her own goal. We simply want everyone to finish.
6. Why do you limit the number of competitors in each event to a relatively small number?
Experiencing the Himalayas is unique and special. Himalayas are stunningly beautiful and the energy that it offers to the participant is surreal. The mountains are pristine and sparsely populated. Solitude leads to a very spiritual experience. We want to keep the numbers small so that everyone can live that experience and be part of it during the race.
7. What else is special about the Sandakphu 70 mile race?
One of the few places on earth where paradise exists on earth, are the beautiful Himalayas. WindChasers, formed by a team of experienced runners, want to expose the beauty of the Himalayas to everyone in an eco-friendly and fitter way.
8. What is the best part of the event?
Many say it's the competitors themselves - that they leave the event with a new set of friends from all over the world. Many call on these new friends in business later or just to have dinner when passing through someone's hometown. For some interacting with the people, the Nepali and sweet mountain folks they meet along the way. For others experiencing the beauty of the Himalayas and the feeling of being part of nature is the ultimate gift they get out of this and for some or all of them the simple food that tastes so delicious at the end of the day when they reach the Tea house.
9. Can I run for a charity?
Absolutely - we encourage it. Many of our competitors have raised significant amounts of money for charities all over the world.
10. Can I participate as a non-runner or volunteer?
Absolutely. We do encourage participants to bring their spouse, relative or friend even if they are not running. Himalayan beauty is for everyone to experience. We would love for you to participate so that you can be with your running spouse, relative or friend and at the same time experience everything along with them except the running portion of it. The fee is less for non-runners and volunteers than that of a runner. Please check with us for the fees since it is different for volunteers & non-runners. Non-runners and volunteers will still need to fill in the application and pay deposit to confirm their place.
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