Himalayan Series
Dr. Anil Menon - Official Doctor for the race:
The Windchasers is honored and thrilled to have Dr. Anil Menon as our official Doctor for this year's race. Dr. Anil Menon, MD, MPH aka "Space Doctor or Flight Surgeon", is an experienced physician a wilderness medicine, emergency medicine, and aerospace medicine fellow from Stanford University. He works once per week in a busy trauma center in Houston and Los Angeles. In addition, he works at NASA supporting launch and landing of astronauts to the International Space Station. Dr. Menon has supported races in the Sahara desert, worked on Mount Everest, Disaster response Reno Air Races, Indy 500, Earthquake Disaster Relief, Haiti to name a few. He is used to caring for people in extreme and remote environments.
Winston Struye - Official Photographer for the race:
The Windchasers is so excited to have Winston Struye as our photographer for this year's race. Winston Struye works at a New York-based photography Studio in New York City. Winston loves to take photographs of cool stuff like sports, people in their environments, documentary stories, concerts and events. He loves to take photographs to tell stories, elicit memories and to see normal events in interesting ways. He is also a freelance Photographer and Artist teacher at the Slideluck Youth Intiative. Slideluck is a global non-profit bringing communities together through art and food, and the Youth Initiative fosters creative expression and empowers students through the use of photography and multimedia storytelling.
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